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Dive into pool savings

Taking a dip in your swimming pool will cost a lot less if you implement an energy-and water-saving action plan today.

  • Use an efficient heater. New gas-fired pool heaters are more efficient than old ones. But to really slash your consumption, use a heat pump (which uses electricity to capture heat) or a solar heating system that relies on the sunís energy.

  • Buy a cover. Pool covers are the most effective ways to reduce pool-heating costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Plus, they help keep your pool clean and conserve water and chemicals by slowing evaporation. Bubble (or solar) covers are low-cost options. Vinyl and insulated vinyl covers are more durable.

  • Pick the right pool temp. If you wonít use your pool for several days, turn down the heater to save energy and money. Even during prime pool time, reducing water temperature by a degree makes a big difference.

  • Decrease your pump size. Using a smaller, high-efficiency pump may save as much as 75 percent on pumping-related electricity costs, according to a study by the Center for Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University.

  • Set the timer. Run your filter for shorter periods throughout the day rather than run it continuously. And avoid running the pump during peak energy demand hours.

  • Perform regular maintenance. Consistent cleaning minimizes the likelihood youíll have to drain and refill your pool. Backwash and clean your pool filter as recommended by the manufacturer. And be vigilant about keeping an eye out for leaks.
Source: eco@home