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Mow down your carbon footprint

Going green is the newest trend in lawn care, as consumers are taking a greater interest in electric and rechargeable lawn mower technology.

Electric mowers plug into a standard 120-volt outlet and are ideal for smaller yards. Rechargeable mowers are equipped with a removable, rechargeable battery that traditionally charges in 8 to 12 hours by plugging into a standard outlet. Most rechargeable mowers will run for about an hour depending on grass conditions. With proper care, rechargeable batteries will last 5 to 7 years and over 95% of the battery components are recyclable.

Both electric and rechargeable mowers offer the power and performance of gas-powered mowers without the toxic emissions and are 75% quieter than traditional mowers. Depending on the model, the mowers cost approximately $5 per year for electricity and eliminate the expensive costs associated with replacing spark plugs, air filters, clogged carburetors and general maintenance.

With an electric or rechargeable mower you will reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a more pleasant mowing experience.