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Be safe when dealing with flood waters

Rising water levels can lead to danger for you or your family. Flood waters in your basement can result in wet appliances, so think before you act.

Here are four lifesaving tips:

  1. If your flooded basement is home to any electrical appliances and they are plugged in, do not step in standing water! Submerged outlets or cords could energize the water, and that could be a lethal trap. Make sure the circuit breaker serving the outlets and appliances in your basement is turned off before you enter the room.

  2. Call an electrician to evaluate a furnace, freezer, refrigerator, washer or dryer that has gotten wet. Water can damage their motors and make them dangerous to operate.

  3. If you have or plan to buy a portable generator, hire a qualified electrician to install it outside in a dry place. Do not plug it into your household wiring.

  4. Do not touch a downed power line or anything that it is touching.
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